Ted’s essays


woodshed westI just finished expanding last year’s winter heat storage unit and improving on it a bit. With 20-bucks-worth of new lumber, I was able to scrounge the rest of the needed materials.

woodshed northGood thing, because that left me cash to pay someone else to cut and split a cord of wood for us.

A neighbor charges $120 for a fat cord of dry lodgepole pine delivered.

It is hard to beat a deal like that. Lets me focus on my mountain of projects that I cannot easily subcontract… like building the woodshed.

Stacked inside is one-third of a cord left over from last year. Piled on the lawn is the first of two cords I’m hiring done.

He would have stacked it for an additional 20 bucks, but I wasn’t done with shed construction until a few minutes ago. Besides, it isn’t that big of a chore and I should have a hand in putting up the winter heat.