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winter finally resumed

cute cabinIt has been a long Spring season through much of January and February. It started making me feel I should be planting some annuals. But Winter finally returned with some genuine snow and moderately cold weather.

The good news is that cute cabin over there with the lovely view of snow covered ground set off by the Bitterroot River running by my window. I’ve never had it better.

3-4 inchesI also got some exercise … quiet, peaceful, meaningful

I think it was 3-4 inches of nice powder. I do miss the concrete I had in Grangeville. Shoveling snow off gravel is harder work.

I also noticed that none of my neighbors have parking lots. They park directly off the lane, having at most, a walkway to shovel. Having the awesome cul-de-sac at the end of the lane does add snow shoveling to the maintenance list.
shoveled parking lot
Inside, sitting down to rest and I realized laying flat on my back meditating on telling my back to feel good was a much better idea.

My meditation skills seem a bit rusty. The pain in my back is not going away all that quickly. Oh well. Keep at it. My meditation segued into an hour + nap, but the back is much improved.

I think I was supposed to learn something about my back last year. The lesson seems to be lost. Something about taking it easy, I kind-of recall.

Perhaps I’ll be trainable when I am older and wiser.

Oh, wait. I don’t think that is going to work.

Ah, yes. I have an excuse.
I’m old and forgetful.
I keep forgetting to take it easy.

That’s my story and I’m sticking with it.