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Who am I?

sailing the San Francisco Bay on my Nacra 5.8 catamaran

This is an update to a post I published a few years ago. You can go see that one if you wish: https://www.teddunlap.net/who-am-i/, but I republished it below to save you the trip.

A little bit older for sure, slower, wiser, and now with a few more experiences under my belt. Ohmygosh, I am probably 15 to 20 pounds lighter too, having discovered fasting as a healing and fitness tool.

I have also worked on the estate, which now suits us a lot better than it did in January of 2019. I got to scratch my sports car track time itch for the first time in 35 years. This year I am trading that machine in on motorcycles, which I think I am finally ready to ride at less than full-chat. I gave an introduction to my reintroduction here: https://www.teddunlap.net/pikes-peak-the-wrong-way/. I am currently refining the motorcycle stable and my use thereof.

I know for certain I will not re-enter politics. I cannot find the energy and inspiration, particularly since I believe we are beyond political solutions. THEY will get their war. We get to experience it, or at least some of it. This problem will not resolve via the soap box, the ballot box, or the jury box. The cartridge box is the only possibility left between us and the genocide plus slavery in their agenda.

I constantly work on balancing awareness, learning, sharing current events, preparing for a radically changing future with being at peace and enjoying the beauty of our world as it stands. I doubt I will get that just right, but it is the most important task I have in this life.

Who am I?

by Ted Dunlap – January 24, 2019

Claire Wolfe called me a Renaissance Man.
I had to look it up, but found she is correct.
I have yet to meet anyone who dabbles with as much as I do.

Writer, reader, publisher, webmaster
Activist, organizer, politician, Libertarian
Philosopher, economist, sociologist, psychologist
Mid-level rifleman, handgunner, careful ammo reloader
Husband, Dad, grandpa, son, friend, neighbor, stalwart teammate
1%-er high-performance-driver from 2 to 18 wheels, street and track
Organic gardener, small-farmer, teacher, chicken-rancher, landscaper
Amateur radio teacher, proponent, planner, organizer, provider, student
Nutritionist, herbalist, naturalpath, organic shopper, ingredient reader
Trombone and upright bass musician, band manager, teacher, student
Woodworker, metalworker, mechanic, fabricator, inventor, handyman, fixer
Prepper, self-defense advocate, militia proponent with focus on comms/inteligence

only 3-time overall winner in Sports Car Olympics history

aka: jack of all trades, master of none

Doing what I can to make my community a better place.

If you or I want something done,
I can probably figure out how to do it…
but I’m probably too busy to give it a go.