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enemy of your enemy

An enemy of your enemy is not necessarily your friend. That sharp cookie I sleep with pointed out that no sooner than I write critically about those who cast stalwarts over the wall onto the enemy’s side (see “casting aside“) than I do it myself with “near the right track“. As always, she makes me think.

The enemy, the real serious enemy we face today is not so much the elitists who would turn us into an England where looters, muggers, punks and robbers are making everyday life subject to random violence. The foolish Brits imprison anyone who posesses or horror of horrors, applies effective means of self defense against one or two hoodlums. Meanwhile, they, with quick-release policies and mollycoddling, ENCOURAGE brutish behavior from an early age. Their ruling-class’ logic escapes me, but everyday Englishmen are resigned to a life fraught with random acts of violence.

That’s Tony’s enemy. And a fine enemy it is. I really do agree with him on this. I truly don’t want to go down that path.

However, that is NOT why we are packing the state house. That is not why gun owners are suddenly flocking to his Idaho Open Carry meetings as well as our Oath Keepers, Neighborhood Posse, 912 Group, Tea Party and all these other activist meetings. The street criminals are NOT the serious threat that is waking the sleeping giant.

NO, it is the Armani-suit guys of the Bilderberg Group and their bloated ticks that have attached to every titled position of every central government in the world and promoted themselves and their kind to be CEOs of every mega-corporation in media and manufacturing of war machines. The real threat does not come from 12-pack beer drinkers, but $250-per-bottle champagne sippers.

People who are against some aspects of our current government are not necessarily fighting the common enemy. If they are out in the desert leading people towards the mirage for water, they are not on our team. If and when they finally recognize the real dang serious wholesale threat to our lives, liberty and property, they are finally on our team.

Meanwhile, they are distracting those who are just now waking up.