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What is in THE VACCINE?

Without any doubt this is the most important video I have seen, and the most important I have ever shared. The Trump Team and its opponents have both told us that the foundation of the COVID vaccine is ready and that they are preparing millions of doses now.

But they also tell us they do not have any ingredient that actually fights COVID-19. What are they putting in this thing that is so important it can be built and prepared for widespread human injection? If not a COVID vaccine, what is it?

You need to know

Doctor Carrie Madej has produced a video explaining the parts of the vaccine that they do have ready. She does this in layman’s terms, clearly without talking down to us.

Trust me enough to watch the first seven minutes.

The rest you will watch recognizing how important it is and how clearly Carrie delivers this information.



Carrie’s YouTube channel is: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOVus4q3qrOyKV_cxyfwfhw

I am not trying to take anything or any viewers away from her. Go there to see this video and others she shares with us. However, do not be surprised when YouTube de-platforms, restricts, and finally removes her message and their delivery of it. This definitely runs counter to what YouTube and the rest of the globalists want you to know.

Oh, I suppose I should also mention that I trust YouTube to collect data on everyone who goes to her channel and those like it.

I will be referencing this material and related information at my Bitterroot Bugle news, analysis and commentary website in the coming weeks. I will also be posting more videos like this at my honest, honorable, uncensored Brighteon Bitterroot Bugler video channel

I have saved two other of her videos and will share them soon.

There is no one topic more significant to us in this world today.