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web hosting bill comes due

I am one of those fixed-income retirees of modest means that you hear about from time to time. I have not quite figured me out, but I am working on it.

I enjoy puttering in my woodshop, metalshop, inventor/creator space. I also like playing trombone, upright bass and elementary artistic painting … and a few other hands-on-type things, mostly creative.

What I do with much of my time instead is what I consider to be my community service… rewarding in their own ways of course, but not quite as much FUN.

In that category are the classes I taught through the Darby Adult Education program to help people earn and upgrade their amateur radio licenses, understand Linux operating systems, successfully garden without pests or pesticides, build basic websites, use two-way radios for emergency communications and a couple other topics.

I also work with local radio operators to build and improve the emergency communications network in our community … for times when telephones and Internet are unavailable.

The one community service I do that takes more of my time than any one of the above are the warnings and knowledge that I share from my little soap-box website platforms.

It also costs money out of my little budget. Note that I do not take trips on cruise liners, airplanes, trains or buses. I don’t play golf, ski and my shooting sports budget is nearly non-existent. To put it in accounting terminology, web-hosting is a significant line item in my discretionary budget.

This month my annual bill for all that came due…
along with the annual soul-searching question,
“Do I really want to keep on doing this?”

The answer turned out to be “YES”.

The bill I paid was $618.70.

A few donations would be appreciated.