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water, water, drink, drink

Many years ago, “Doctors recommend 8 glasses of water a day”. Today they prescribe 8 pharmaceutical drugs a day.

If you think that is an improvement, you are visiting the wrong website.

The human body is an impressive machine. It tolerates, compensates for, recovers from incredible abuse. But you really ought to work with it a little; meet it half-way.

The cool weather set in, but I was working in a frenzy to get important stuff done “before winter”. I made it, by the way. The important stuff did get done.

However, my hands, wrists, knees and back have been complaining for two months solid. “It sucks getting old” was the standard answer.

I was trying a lot of remedies and pain reductions, but it was just a severe limiting factor. I am too old to be doing as much as I was trying to do.

I cut back a bunch, but did not heal.

This is getting real darn annoying … on several levels.

Then I remembered WATER.

I am very well-behaved when it comes to drinking water … unless it is cool, or cold outside. In which case it is easy to forget to adequately hydrate.

I treated myself to a double-wall stainless water bottle so I wouldn’t be drinking plastic, or too-warm, or too-cold. Then I forgot to have it by my side as I worked around the homestead.

WhoDaThunk??? Remembering to drink my water reduced my pain A BUNCH.

A week ago I resumed having this water bottle with me, in my way, where I would sip out of it regularly. I am back up to over a liter/quart of cool, clear water every day.

My wrists, hands, knees and back are not young, but they also are not screaming at me. It really is an impressive recovery … with just that one, simple prescription.

AMA, big-pharma MDs ought to be so smart.