Ted’s essays

warming up

After a few weeks of afternoon temperatures well above freezing, the ice is finally gone from our driveway and roads.

That enabled me to get my bicycle out of the shed and take it for it’s first ride of the year.

The tires had given up a little air over the winter. I didn’t even bother to refill. They weren’t low enough to cause any harm, just increase their rolling resistance.

Said another way, I had to pedal harder and couldn’t go as fast as I would be able to were they properly inflated.

No loss at all. The point was to spend TIME outside and to push the pedals for exercise. Neither distance traveled nor speed of travel were of any significance whatsoever.

Of course I will fill them up. Using machines properly is also rewarding. I will be getting that one next time out.

The important ones were all enjoyed with this first ride celebrating sun, warm, blue skies …

… that is until these @$%$@*& pollute it with their nano-junk.

They were stripping The Bitterroot skies while I was riding below.

The juxtaposition of the chemtrail plane and flag spoke to me.