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visualize liberty

Imagine what this country would look like if we had begun electing Libertarians 14 years ago. I gave Idaho my best shot, which may not have been all that much in the end, but Idahoans really did have a choice with serious beneficial potential that year. I tripped over this show recently, realizing that was a good debate and presentation of ideas that would have made very real differences.

In 2006 I did some traveling around the state as the Libertarian candidate for Idaho governor, a relatively tiny bit of fund-raising, produced some campaign literature, and dressed myself for mass-market appeal. – He cleans up nicely – 😉

When the League of Women Voters announced the upcoming state-wide broadcast of the gubernatorial election campaign debate I contacted them to say, “There are three candidates on the ballot, but your debate leaves one of them out.” They responded that the candidate has to meet some specified criteria – which I had. With the evidence in their hands, I was added to the debate program.

Congressman Otter, the Republican candidate had a reputation as “a libertarian republican”. That fiction would not have survived on stage with a genuine Libertarian, so he dropped out of the debate. That left the Democrat and Libertarian candidates starring in the show without him.

I was intimidated as all-get-out in front of the studio gear, staff and knowing we were broadcast live to a state-wide audience. My thoughtful mind was screaming, “RUN!”, but my responsible side made me stay put. I am still surprised how calm and coherent I appeared to be throughout this show knowing the level of nervousness churning inside of me.

As for pre-planned, rehearsed speeches before focus groups and practiced before mirrors – NONE, NONE and NONE. Pure improvisation straight from the head and heart start to finish.

The production crew who in the preceding weeks had presented debates for all other state-wide candidates liked this final one A LOT. They were very complimentary, and suggested that we really should take this show on the road.

The election results went to the LINO (Libertarian In Name Only), who was one of those oozy-creepy guys in person, and in real life, but had an R next to his name on the ballot in a state where that counted for everything.