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One might logically question why I run for governor and sheriff. There are only two jobs where a person of courage and honor can make major advances towards liberty. These two.

If I am going to put my name and effort into a political campaign, I have to be willing and able to do the job in case I win, and it has to be worth doing. Otherwise, I really do have a busy, productive and happy life without all that.

I know that doesn’t quite answer the question. The bigger answer is that I hate bullies far, far more than average. Obviously not just oppression of me, but of everybody… and, I suppose rather uniquely, I am willing to stand up and do something about it.

Idaho governor

When I ran for Idaho governor in 2006, newspaperman Jerry Brady was the Democrat Party candidate and congressman Butch Otter was the Republican. In a severely Republican state, with LOTS of campaign finance dollars behind him, Butch was pretty-much a shoe-in.

Idaho Public Television and the League of Women Voters scheduled a debate to be broadcast state wide.

But, as I was officially on the ballot, I contacted the League of Women Voters to find out why I wasn’t invited to debate. Well, you had to have traveled so many miles, contacted so many people and attracted a certain amount of money in campaign contributions.

Turns out I did qualify… so they added me to the debate.

Uh oh. Butch, who had fostered a reputation as a “libertarian” republican, knew I could really hurt that reputation if he had to face genuine libertarian ideas face-to-face on state-wide television. So he dropped out of the debate and left it to Jerry and Ted.

While a stage-frightened corner of my mind screamed “Run, run, run”, the rest of me stayed for the show. The production crew thought was “Great” and suggested “You guys should take this show on the road across the state”. I have to admit that I like it too.

2006 Idaho Governor debate

For 2010, the friends of incumbent governor Otter made darn sure the debate format would not allow candidates to explain themselves and their positions effectively. As you can see, the “anybody but Otter” vote was very diluted.

And, yes, the independent candidate, originally known to me as Marvin Gardner, did indeed change his name twice: for 2006 he was “Marvin Pro Life Gardner”, but the secretary of state refused to print his “middle names” on the ballot, so for 2010 he was legally simply “Pro Life”. The secretary of state was cornered.

2010 Idaho Governor debate

Then it was on to local politics…

2012 Sheriff campaign

This first video is Ted Dunlap being interviewed on the role of the Constitutional Sheriff and how it will improve things (dramatically) in Ada County.

Elizabeth Allan Hodge, 6-term state representative, interviews Ted Dunlap regarding the role of the Constitutional Sheriff for her show: F Y Idaho.

Sheriff Richard Mack, who won at the Supreme Court defining the independence and importance of the Constitutional Sheriff.

Excellent definitive overview of the Constitutional Sheriff by one of the most noteable proponents of it, Richard Mack.

Ed Hendershot, who ran in the Republican Primary to be Canyon County’s Constitutional Sheriff. (Robert Muse is the remaining sheriff candidate carrying that torch into the November 6th election.)
Ed Hendershot, Canyon County Constitutional Sheriff candidate describes the role and the threats a Constitutional sheriff stands against.

A two-part made-for-television show on the Constitutional Sheriff theme.

Jim Thomas, host of television show My Fellow Idahoans! interviews Ted Dunlap on the role of the Constititional Sheriff. Part One.

Jim Thomas, host of television show My Fellow Idahoans! interviews Ted Dunlap on the role of the Constititional Sheriff. Part Two.

Freedom or Slavery? 4:50-minute youtube video


Delaware at risk:

Attached below is a 60-minute radio interview with Richard Mack and Sheriff Jeff Christopher of Sussex County, Delaware. A coalition of anti-liberty, anti-freedom, anti-Constitution forces are applying various pressures to destroy the office of Sheriff in the state of Delaware.

Why this matters is the most important question answered on this show. If you listen to no other part, 55 minutes in, Richard Mack uses the Rosa Parks example to great effect. Listen to that bit, then think about it for a few minutes.

The Constitutionan Sheriff IS IMPORTANT TO YOU.

Delaware at risk


Last, but not least, here is a perfect example of what a sheriff should be protecting you FROM, but in adjacent Gem County, Idaho, the UN-Constitutional sheriff is actually perpetrating. No warrant. No justufication. No legal right to enter. No right to drag these people out of their home, point M16s in their faces, at the back of their heads, ets., shove them to the ground and tear through their house trying to find an excuse for their illegal raid. Horrors.

I have heard from three separate people that the Ada County Sheriffs do similar things without warrant and legal requirements. There are much worse examples nation-wide. The trend MUST BE reversed.

August 16 Gem County Sheriff’s Office SWAT raid