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Updated 2023 Class Schedule

With or without my assistance, the text book is a good thing to read through in addition to online study. The textbook and my classes are intended to help you understand amateur radio as well as pass your Technician exam.

My favorite online exam preparation tool is HamStudy.org I highly recommend using their Study Mode and clicking on their tab to understand the WHY of each correct answer. This is the premier tool when the focus is to “study for the test”.

Use their Test Mode rarely to get a snapshot of your progress towards passing the upcoming exam. This Internet site has also been the favorite of all my students. Use their TEST MODE rarely. It will cement incorrect answers in your head.

These class sessions might be longer or shorter than the scheduled time. That is up to the students. I will do my best to meet their needs every day.

– Ted

Welcome to Amateur Radio
class expectations, FCC, licensing, getting your license
February 1st, 1000-1200, Darby Library

Radio and Signals Fundamentals
October 14th, 1000-1200, Darby Library

Electricity, Components and Circuits
October 21st, 1000-1200, Darby Library

The library is gearing up for remodeling. The meeting room is moving into the preparation stage for major changes. Thus we are changing classrooms to Ted’s studio/radio-shack.

Propagation, Antennas and Feed Lines
October 28th, 1000-1200, Ted’s Radio Shack

Amateur Radio Equipment
November 4th, 1000-1200, Ted’s Radio Shack

Communicating With Other Hams
November 11th, 1000-1200, Ted’s Radio Shack

Licensing Regulations
November 18th, 1000-1200, Ted’s Radio Shack

Operating Regulations
November 25th, 1000-1200, Ted’s Radio Shack

Safety & review
December 2nd, 1000-1200, Ted’s Radio Shack

FCC License Test Session – Technician, General, Amateur Extra
December 9th, 1100-1200, Darby Library
The VEC (Volunteer Exam Coordinator) may change the time and/or location to meet the needs of his team of VEs (Volunteer Examiners).


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