Ted’s essays

understanding money

In a free world adults work for what they need that they and their family may thrive. A modern healthy society has exchange systems so one person’s strengths may be traded with what others produce to barter or sell. In our case grown-ups earn money that buys necessities and pleasures.

Two kinds of people spend others’ money, politicians and children.
Both require supervision.

When I was young we all grew up understanding that we received the food, shelter and clothing our parents deemed necessary to our survival. Anything we wanted beyond that came from our own efforts, our own earnings, and our own savings. Whining and begging was ignored or rebuked. We grew with what worked.

The resulting society was productive, creative and efficient. We laughed, or at least scoffed at the obvious failures of socialism in other countries.

We lost all that for many reasons including the media monopolies, education monopolies, and the “women’s liberation movement” that made moms work outside the home while socialists raised all the children in group settings.

Today’s parents do not understand the value of allowing children to earn and manage money. Most of them don’t understand why collectivism fails with 100% regularity.

The one success socialism always has is appealing to the ignorant, the lazy, and to those who would rather be king of a dung heap than equals in paradise.