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tunes for the week

I spent the morning studying and shopping charts for next Saturday’s class.

I settled on those below.

Here is to hoping some, if not most work out.

I spent some time at Music Notes .com reviewing, researching and purchasing trombone sheet music of the following:

Key of Eb Major (3 flats)

Me and Bobby McGee
Key of Bb Major (2 flats)

St. James Infirmary
Key of C Minor (3 flats)

Key of C Major

Take Five
Key of Gb Major (6 flats)

The Man I Love
Key of Eb Major (3 flats)

When I’m Sixty-Four
Key of F Major (1 flat)

While My Guitar Gently Weeps
Key of C Minor (3 flats)

While I looked at all of the suggestions I collected yesterday, I just could not imagine three of them working for us at this time. That is, based on what Music Notes .com had available.  I ran across some that were not suggested, but that I thought would work for us.

What I do not know is if the recordings I linked to match the keys of the sheet music I downloaded.  Hopefully all, most, or enough of them do.

In some cases I also ordered piano accompaniment and lyrics. I am hoping Missy can at least get some of the chords. Though I wouldn’t bill myself as such, I have been known to sing, and may give that a go on a few of these.

I encourage you to get some music, or somehow study these songs before next Saturday. 

We will have to grow this together.