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trombone NOT for sale

… changed my tune …

The brief time I’ve had with my “new” 1958 Conn 6H has impressed upon me just how good my Yamaha copy of it is. No clear winner between them – not even a leader at the moment.

I will be spending some time with both of them until I know more.

yamaha-ysl354I have been hankering for a vintage Conn 6H straight horn to compliment my Conn 88 trigger horn. I just “won” an eBay auction for a fixer-upper.

My long-term relationship with my Yamaha straight horn must now come to an end to make room for the replacement (literally – we do have a tiny house). I never do anything normal – I’m trading the younger one in for an older one. 😉

I highly recommend this horn. Not just cuz it is mine, but it is a great horn and great value. Many more expensive horns fall quite a bit short of how well this plays, not to mention its condition.

Here’s the text I put up at Craigslist

Yamaha YSL 354 trombones have great versatility being rugged enough for high school students combined with build quality and sound for adult band and solo parts. This trombone is in excellent condition both cosmetically and functionally.

This particular YSL 354 was built by Japanese craftsman before they shipped the construction of this model off to China. It will outlast and out play any of the new ones. yamaha-ysl354-in-case

Many professional and semi-pro jazz and lead trombone players use this trombone for its power and drive. New list price on this model made in China is $1009.00.
It has a very strong sound, is easy to play well and has a great slide in perfect condition. Included also is a hard case that look just as new as the trombone itself. I’ll be happy to toss in a lesson on care and use if you wish.

I bought this one for college jazz class and have played in adult big bands and combos with it… no dings on it or the case.

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