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A set of synapses that were hyper-developed in my brain from a very early age have been clamoring for exercise of late. Sorry gear-shifter, heel-and-toe-er, steering-finesser, 4-wheel-drift-er, g-force-junkie and other parts, it simply isn’t your turn. I promise I’ll get you another if at all possible, but have to admit the best parts might just have to be memories.


I would be hard-pressed to come up with something more fun than being helmeted, nomex-clad, 5-point-harness-secured in the above transporter turning laps at Sears Point orĀ Laguna Seca in the course records we set for Class A at 2:10.32 orĀ  1:57.94 respectively … though a few hours spent in that same conveyance on some dotted-lined curvy roads along the California coast or Sierra Nevada range came pretty darn close.

I’m warming up to writing a bit about my more memorable transporters and some of the quality time I spent in their company. Stay tuned.

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