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Missy and I went to the Egyptian Theater last night to see the movie Thrive. It turned out to be more of an event than just a movie. It is more a movement than an event. In fact, that is what their website is called, Thrive Movement .com.

The movie is worth seeing, the video worth buying, the event worth participation and the movement worth joining. If you are paying attention and, therefore, concerned, the Thrive Movement offers more hope than anything I am aware of, including my run for sheriff, the Sheriff’s First movement, the Libertarian Party, Ron Paul’s candidacy, the Tea Party, and just about anything else that lands liberty lovers on the FEMA roll call list.

It does not exclude those other efforts however. It does not replace them. It compliments them. All of these activities and groups are a part of how people, free people, healthy people can thrive. The Thrive Movement pulls them together, provides focus and helps direct strategy and tactics.

While I heartily recommend viewing the movie, I have to admit it will not be well received by all. One absolute requirement is an open mind… and I mean really open. To those who have been paying attention to the economy and government BEHIND the smoke and mirrors, varying amounts of what this movie presents will be familiar. Those who accept the TV-News version of those sectors will find the Thrive movie overwhelmingly different… their minds will reject the information, putting defensive arguments between it and existing, contrary views.

If Thrive is not the first time you have heard the world isn’t run for your benefit, watch it. If you don’t find cause for hope; if you aren’t hopeful at the end of the movie, watch it again. The interconnected evil this movie does such a good job of describing can be such a strong depressant that the antidote is missed. A second or third pass through the movie will help you pick up what you didn’t catch the first time.

There are concepts presented that stretch my acceptance level. If you also find bits too new or far out, let them go [for now]. The vast majority is thoroughly reinforced for me by many solid, diverse other sources. The answers and actions they propose are beneficial to all but those who would dominate and destroy.

We were fortunate enough to have the filmmakers, Foster and Kimberly Gamble, at our screening. They talked about the movie, movement and opened up a mike for a question-answer period. I waited a couple of beats to see if anyone was anxious to start it off, but became the ice-breaker introducing myself, my reasons for the sheriff campaign and, with Foster’s encouragement, explained the Constitutional Sheriff movement to a VERY WELCOMING, enthusiastic audience.

Foster, Kimberly, the group who created the Thrive event in Boise and a number of those in the audience thanked me for my courage and willingness to work for all of our liberties. There were also many expressions of interest and offers to help. The ornate Egyptian Theater was full of people in animated discussion for almost two hours after the movie ended. There’s something you don’t get at home – and almost never get in a theater.