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The Shelf Meister

Missy shelves daylightThe grand installation of Missy’s Christmas project from me was today.

It is a little corner unit custom-designed to fit the way she likes to use her corner at the head of the bed.

I delight in the pleasure she gets from my custom shelves. It is all part of the art of living large while simultaneously living small.

Happily we are both quite happy with polyurathene coated pine construction. There is pine a plenty around here, making it readily available and inexpensive.

We sized it up for fit on my side of the bed. I will make precious few changes to the design as it fits almost as well there as it does where it was targeted.

As long as the polyurathene and brush were out,Missy shelves dusk I also coated three little shelves for my studio space. That little area is not quite completed. I’ll show you when it is.