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the rule of law VS the code of the west

We are unfortunately familiar with “crafty” lawyers convicting the innocent and exonerating the guilty. Accepting that we are powerless as individuals to correct this aberration is an irrefutable sign of corruption in our culture.

There is even a controversial thread (hotly denied by lawyers) saying that BAR membership is indeed affiliation with the British Accreditation Regency or the British Accreditation Registry INSTEAD OF USofA citizenship. That would clearly make its members unqualified to participate in our government in the legislative, executive or legal branches.

That those licensed to practice at the bar make up nearly half of our ruling class is certainly a large part of why the laws of this land seem to be lawyers’ tools rather than essentials of a just society. Often said that there is a system for the wealthy and powerful called “JUST US” and another incorrectly, ironically, deceptively, or in NewSpeak, called “justice”.

I will simply call this combination “The Rule Of Law”.

As we enter The New World in the aftermath of TSHTF, those old rules go away. The oaf-fish-als and lamestream media excitedly warn us about the terrors of ANARCHY.

OHMYGAWD!!! The lawyers could no longer protect us. It would be like The Wild West! Oh no! Not the briar patch.

While the ruling class works to convince us their martial law will be our only safe alternative, I suggest that The Code Of The West will become our new cultural norm, and that the resultant society will be superior in every way for everybody but those who figure they were born into privilege.

The mass of mankind has not been born with saddles on their backs, nor a favored few booted and spurred, ready to ride them legitimately, by the grace of God. – Thomas Jefferson

When a normal, moral, healthy man is confronted by an evil threat to life, liberty, property, family or community, he deals with it … directly and immediately. Put a bit more bluntly, he kills the SOB. In most cases, the life of crime ended then and there. Instead of expensive, (lucrative), convoluted (tricky), lengthy (lucrative), court processes and possible expensive incarcerations, followed by resumption in their lives of crime.

Those considering the pros and cons of a criminal life are convinced that honorable work delivers superior results. Those involved in that honorable work spend a whole lot less of their labor fruits supporting the criminal classes … at all levels … including those who think being crafty, clever and taking advantage of others is okay.

In a society thus governed, a gang of irrational thugs intent on burning your house to the ground would be dissuaded from their plans without penalty to the defending homeowners – a perversion that recently happened to Mark and Patricia McCloskey. A young man defending himself from a gang of irrational thugs intent on killing him for preventing their dumpster fire from setting a gasoline station alight would be commended rather than persecuted by lawyers – a perversion that recently happened to Kyle Rittenhouse.

In “The Wild West”, trials were speedy and far more rational than the tawdry imitations we tolerate today.

A jury of peers was gathered… and I do mean genuine peers, as in those everyday people who lived in the affected community and likely knew all of the participants of the event in question. They decided innocence or guilt based on ALL factors rather than only those that crafty lawyers and clever judges allowed for consideration.

Nobody made money on the process and very few lost life, liberty or property unjustly.

“The suspect” in the robbery, rape or attempted murder was the dude lying still in a pool of his own blood.

Yes, please, give me the briar patch.