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the real threat Ebola presents

I am more troubled by Ebola than anything else mainstream media is shoving in faces of the masses. I fear THEY are really onto something this time. It takes very little imagination to see a rather short, sharp timeline between now and nation-wide martial law.

The rather obvious progression marshals all of those recently overly-armed government agents into checkpoints surrounding every populated area in the USofA. Movement of non-governmental people and commerce STOPS.

How long before the hungry, the fearful and the sick line up at government “Aid Centers”?

Not only will resistors be few, the terrified booboisie will eagerly turn them in, stone them to death, rabidly crushing anything or anybody that oaf-fish-shills label as “A Threat”… before lining up to receive their tainted, ineffective Ebola-vaccine complete with microchip, entering in the great database run by the IRS-e-mail-losers/Obamacare-programming-incompetents.

That along with relinquishing any means of self-defense will be the requirements to receive previously stolen goods, mostly devoid of real nutritional benefit.

The post I put up earlier today, Survive Ebola, is not only potentially lifesaving, the information and documented successes described therein are in stark contrast to what your government is doing.

“Instead of using toxic pharmaceuticals that diminish the immune system by further driving down nutritional status,” Sircus says, “we use, we treat and cure through the fulfillment of nutritional law.

We do not need to develop expensive drugs waiting while millions potentially die. Right in the emergency room are already excellent medicines that doctors are familiar with that save lives every day.

Nutritional medicine is safer and more effective than pharmaceutical medicine.”

That post quotes and links to a much more thorough source document. I suggest this one as required reading for those who … what can I say, “Value their lives and those around them”? You ought to read this sooner rather than later and put up a stock of the treatments listed.

Ebola – Saving Lives with Natural Allopathic Medicine

This other post I put up is quite significant. It as absolutely predictable, with a 99.9% assurance, that Big Government will not only facilitate, it will mandate the Big Pharma solution: vaccinate! You should know and share the truth.

why ebola vaccine will not work

These final two posts were when I began my excursion down the Ebola rabbit hole in earnest on October 3rd and 4th. The first I wrote, while the second filled in some information I left out.

eboloa puzzle

ebola on purpose?

In parting, I want to remind you:
When a tiny minority who crafted paths into the aristocracy of the most powerful social-control mechanism Earth has ever witnessed appear to be incompetent, stupid and erratic, you may want to review your assumptions as to what they are actually trying to accomplish.