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the hammer’s crashing down

At risk of appearing in a musical mood, I just ran across another song, another performance that I must share. This one is thanks of the Oath Keepers website. I recommend you click the link and go there for it rather than read the version below. It will be a much better presentation for you. However, if for any reason, the link breaks or that site is unavailable, I copied the text below.

Go to the Oath Keepers page linked below, click on the video to play it, then follow the lyrics below the playing video as he sings and plays his new song. This is one stirring and inspirational song, and very much keyed to the times we are entering here and now.

To the Patriots: Arm Yourselves, for the Hammer’s Crashing Down

From the Oath Keeper’s page ————————-

In this dark hour, when liberty is under such relentless assault, it is necessary for you to steel yourselves, and arm yourselves, spiritually, mentally, and physically. And above all, it is a time to set aside fear, and to reject despair and to embrace our place in history. We were born as Americans, at this time, for a reason, and it was not to cower in fear or to dissolve into a gelatinous mass of despair. We were born free men and women, and we will die free men and women. No one gets out of here alive anyway, and in the end, all that matters is that our children and grand-children are free. Everything else is a side-show.

To put us in the right frame of mind, I present to you the powerful song “Arm Yourselves” by my good friend Jordan Page. Arm Yourselves is a call to action for every free American to stand up for their Constitutionally protected right to bear arms. In one of his most powerful songs to date, Jordan Page warns us all that “the hammer is crashing down” and that now is the time to show solidarity that we, the people, will not be disarmed by any government or authority. The song paints a striking picture of a possible future scenario where the free people of America clash with the force of totalitarian government.

Arm Yourselves

ARM YOURSELVES – Jordan Page © 2012

Friends we gather round together

Holding tight our faith & guns

But in this room I feel something greater than ourselves

Now listen everyone

Arms yourselves for the hammer’s crashing down

Arm yourselves all ye citizens

Arm yourselves with the ghost of a risen son

And lay your armor on

There’s no time left, the day has come

Some men say they won’t be taken

“From my cold dead hands my dear”

Most men live as slaves to their ignorance

But now the truth’s becoming clear, so

Arm yourselves for the hammer’s crashing down

Arm yourselves all ye citizens

Arm yourselves to the teeth

And prepare your eyes for blood I do believe

The passive man won’t live to grieve

There are birds of prey in the skies with murder in their eyes

On the chessboard armies clash

As choirs sing Hallelujah

Force multiplies in the streets like symphonies of pain

Can you hear the violins(ence) play

As children sing Hallelujah?

Arm yourselves little lambs for the culling is at hand

And the wolves have come to dinner

I can hear them at my door

“Come celebrate little slave before you dig your grave

Pick your poison, drink it slowly”

But I say no more

Arm yourselves for the veil has fallen down

Arm yourselves all ye sovereigns

Arm yourselves with the truth and believe

The stage is set, and I foresee a sold out show

Begin Act Three…

If you feel strongly about the power in this message, please consider contributing to Jordan Page’s crowdfunding campaign for his next album, of which “Arm Yourselves” will be the first single released. You can find out more and donate to this cause at www.indiegogo.com/jordanpage

Jordan Page and Oathkeepers have also partnered to put on free liberty concerts for the troops at military bases all over the US. Bringing the message of liberty and obeying one’s oath to the Constitution is most needed in the ranks of today’s military, especially right now. Please consider also supporting this concert tour, as donations are the primary means of securing funding to produce them and keep them free for troops and veterans. You can find out more at www.libertytour.org or donate directly by Paypal to oathkeeperdfw@gmail.com

You can find out more about Jordan Page and his music at www.jordanpagemusic.com and www.facebook.com/jordanpagefans