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The Griddle

This started to be simply a “note to self” type of entry. We infrequently travel through Winnemucca on our way to and from California. Most of these involve stopping for a bite to eat and break from the road. Our fortunes at actually enjoying the bites and breaks have been mixed. On our last trip we were HUGELY PLEASED!

Friendly people, nice atmosphere, good food … well, that doesn’t quite say it with enough emphasis, but I did want to put this on our itinerary for future trips. So here it is… where I probably won’t find it, but one can hope.

The Griddle

460 W. Winnemucca Boulevard
Winnemucca, Nevada 89445
Breakfast & Lunch
Winnemucca, NV
Monday – Sunday: 6am – 2pm

That was the ‘note to self’ part.

A funny thing happened when I was getting the information for this post. My mom-n-pop diner turned out to be a ‘four store chain’. The others are right here in Meridian, Eagle and Boise. I may end up in The Griddle again sooner than I thought.