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the fiscal cliff is NOT news

If what passes for knowledge comes from mainstream news, you might think a “fiscal cliff” has suddenly appeared in front of the world economy. You may believe the “experts” discovering it and the politicians claiming to do something about it.

steaming-manure* smoke *
* mirrors *
* obfuscation *

(putting it as politely as possible)

The people who want the world economy to break that they may own it all have been working towards this moment for GENERATIONS.
This did not sneak up on us or them.
This is not an accident.
This is NOT NEWS.
The solutions they pretend to offer via their hired media and politicians
ARE part of the plan.

I started publishing about it in September 2007. That is because I learned to publish then. I learned honest (Austrian) economics years before that.

I have a library describing it, and that is a tiny subset of the excellent books available on how we got here, who did it, why, when and much more. Here are three good examples.

The Creature from Jekyl Island
America’s Great Depression (1963)
The Bilderberg Group (2007)

Their plan, and your near future are not pleasant. If they succeed, your future will never be pleasant. There are hundreds of books covering that as well. 1984 is as good as any.

Equally available are books, blogs and groups who do not want the future they have planned for us. You can bang around here and at IdahoLiberty to find at the very least, a good place to start.

But first, you have to stop swallowing their … excrement.
Begin that by disconnecting your television from its power source. Dedicate THAT time to something the Bilderberg Group did not produce to program you, and to working with people who want to do something about it.

See you on the other side.