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The Day Before

Studying history with knowledge of the elite banking families in mind; with an understanding of the role The Bilderberg Group plays in it, and watching events unfold from sources outside their mainstream media leads prudent people to preparation for dramatic change in our world.

That is commonly known as TEOTWAWKI – the end of the world as we know it.

The psychopaths in charge include a disproportionate number of satanists (web-search “Bohemian Grove”) and numerologists. Their symbols and number games recur in major historical events not because of their cosmic correctness, but because the people causing those events to take place believe in this stuff and actually enjoy making them play out.

On July 4th I published this link to a YouTube audio explaining what the head of the International Monetary Fund, Christine LeGarre, was doing with so many references to numerological 7-20-14 (or as some say, 7-28-14). She spoke in front of the high-powered Washington Press Club and repeatedly sent powerful signals that TEOTWAWKI will be this month we are now in.

Steve Quayle explains Christine LeGarre – YouTube audio

I am rational enough to not live my life as if this is a 100% sure thing. But I am also smart enough to consider the possibility it will play out as we fear. So I used the weeks leading up to now for a review of how we would get by without The Grid and so much more.

Nice job Ted and Missy. We did improve our position. Not great. Not even real good. But better than most and certainly better than we were a month ago.

I know my biggest regrets will be that I couldn’t help others; that I couldn’t inspire more around me to improve their own preparations for natural or man-made disasters; that I couldn’t prepare for them. Anybody reading these pages knows I most certainly tried. That will be a comfort. “Could-a done more for others” will not be plaguing my head much. My limits were lack of capability – not lack of effort.

So here we are in what could be the last calm before the storm. I woke up this morning with this question that might be more than rhetorical:

What did you do the day before TEOTWAWKI?

Three things I have come up with:

Look around to see what you have and what might be easily added today.

Savor the moment.

Enjoy the calm.

If the world on Monday is still the same one as the week before, we are being granted some more calm. I’ll savor that too.

There is so much of life and of this world to appreciate that we need to constantly remind ourselves to maintain balance. Honor, integrity, energy, creativity, work-ethic, love, joy, beauty and more…

We are surrounded with it. See it. Treasure it. Enjoy it.

There is plenty of ugly around us too. Spend your time in it if you wish, but realize that is a choice you make. I find myself much less interested in wallowing there than I used to be.