Ted’s essays

Thank You

To the hundred or more of you I talked to at the Boise gun show over the last couple of days, THANK YOU.

You were wonderful.
You were interested – and interesting.
You were supportive and energizing.

Everywhere I’ve gone and talked about being the Constitutional Sheriff for Ada County, I am very well received. People are uncomfortable with threats from many areas, have been at a loss as to how to defend against them and excited to find that a Constitutional Sheriff can, and will defend us from illegal assaults, even from governmental agents.

At the April 14-15 gun show there was such a constant flow of you by our table that I got no breaks anywhere during the day… And your energy kept me going without even noticing that. You gave me so much more than I gave you. I just wanted to write this thank you note while the feeling was still in my bones and energy still coursing through my veins.

The possibilities for liberty are exhilarating.