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terraforming my homestead

flat spot at top of our hill – future radio installation?

I have also heard it called “hardscaping”. I simply called it “tractor work” for the 20 years I did it commercially. My vision was one of the reasons I was successful at it. I could visualize re-formed landscape better than most. Exceptionally skilled driving was another part of it. I appear to have lost very little of either in over a dozen years since I sold The Gentleman Farmer.

I have been gaining control of our little homestead over the last few years, but have not had much impact outside the fenced yard until this month.

I resolved the drainage / snow-removal issue that turned the floor of our Quonset into an ice rink. I installed a bridge from the firing line to the target range. I built a road from the main yard into the west yard / target area so I could motor over there with power tools. I carved a building pad for unspecified radio projects at the top of our hill. I cleaned up an unmanageable mess just outside the fenceline to the east, improving my view and my ability to maintain it. I rebuilt the Scooter Dam to improve its ability to handle flood waters that almost wiped it out last spring.

Footbridge to the short/medium shooting range

One major motivator was getting and being able to maintain control of potential fire hazards outside our fenceline. I think we have that done now.

Neither the rented excavator nor my little snowplow were exactly right for the projects, but between them and me, we Got ‘Er Done.

Inaccessible part of our property became accessible and manageable

100 meter rifle range is a key component

footbridge to target range

Trellis, down-payment on grape arbor

hacked a path through the jungle

resolved drainage problems around Quonset

Scooter Dam dressed up

Scooter Dam improved capacity

Scooter Dam road looking good

Cleaning up the east side

west side maintenance road