Ted’s essays

Ted the 3-legged dog

You may have noticed my dearth of posts here. I have been working on myself; leaving the cockroaches to scatter while others shine lights on the evil they have been spreading.

I often feel that those who are asleep cannot be awakened, while the level five people don’t need any more help. Then I notice that my posts do have readers and my videos do get watched.

I suppose my vacation is over… I’m back.

My wife recently had the first acupuncture experience of her life. The good doctor helped her noticeably with a couple of issues pharmacopoeia medicine had not. She enthusiastically made an appointment for me. He called to set it up. I told him I didn’t know why she wanted me to go see him, but I made the date anyway. We will find something to discuss.

A three legged dog does not feel sorry for itself. It does not notice the absence of a fourth leg. It is not the fastest dog around. Never was. It is not the strongest dog in the area. Never was. It gets by just fine – goes where it wants to go – does what it wants to do.

That is me. With 72 years on the machine, I expect a few parts to start wearing out. If I push too hard this way, that hurts. Do too much another way and something else will remind me that I am no longer young.

This won’t be my first experience with acupuncture. That one amazed me. I don’t expect him to make me young, but a little tune-up might be useful. I’ll give him a go.

Wait until you see the next video I will be sharing soon. As the man says, the herbal health he practices is thousands of years old. Allopathic pharmaceutical medicine is the real “alternative medicine”, the newcomer that should have to prove itself before gaining acceptance.

Acupuncture also predates pharmaceuticals by hundreds of years.

As we go from generations controlled by dark forces to an age of light, be ready to embrace new and old ways that are quite different from what you are accustomed to.

What a great time to be alive.