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Ted on trombone

Since moving to The Bitterroot, groups with room for my trombone playing are hard to come by. My fall-back option is my computer and studio speakers running Music Minus One recordings while I pretend to have a real band or small combo to play along with.

I use my Canon camera to record two representative samples of my main Bitterroot trombone gigs. The miniature internal microphone certainly does precious little to capture any sound quality that might exist were we listening live.

Most summers find me playing a bit part in our community band… that is when terrorists aren’t running false flag community shut-down programs that some people call COVID.

I share here two sample recordings of The Bitterroot Community Band. The Gary Owen March from the Hamilton band-shell and the Tijuana Brass Medley from the Daly Mansion lawn.

Here too, my microphone does injustice to the band sound, but gives you the essence of my community band.