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Ted Dunlap biography

Ted Oct 2011I am independent, thoughtful and creative. My word is my bond. I feel the most important thing a man has is his honor. Nobody can take it from you, but those who give their honor away don’t deserve it, or the respect of honest men.

I earned everything I have with hard work and careful husbandry. I am industrious, practical and generous. I strongly resent anyone who wants to take life, liberty or property from me or anyone else under any guise whatsoever.

Over a decade ago I selected Idaho for the spirit of personal responsibility that was more a part of this culture than in most western states. My political activism from 2000 on has been devoted to fostering that independent spirit in any way I can.

* 62 years old
* Married to Missy Dunlap
* Father of seven, grandfather of eleven
* Witnessed population growth and worship of The State destroy the free country of my youth. In 1998, I began shopping for a culture of individualism and independence. Idaho won. In March of 2000 I made the move – and still know it was the right one.

* Studied economics at Ludwig von Mises Institute 2000-present, continuing
* Studied business management, Sonoma State University, 1980-1983

Professional Experience
*Owner/Operator, The Fixer 2006-present and future
* thrift store supervisor, assistant manager 2008 – 2011
* Owner/Operator, The Gentleman Farmer, 1984-2006
* Founder/Manufacturer/Distributor, Soil Food, 1990-1993
* Office automation manager, Hewlett-Packard, 1973-1984

Military Experience
* U.S Air Force, 1968-1972; Honorable discharge

Associations / Community Involvement
* Grangeville Elks Lecturing Knight 2007-2008
* Chairman, Libertarian Party of Idaho, 2002-2006
* Junior rifle coach, 2001-2006
* President Nampa Rod and Gun Club 2002-2004
* Chair, Farm Bureau Ag. Ed. Committee, 1995 – 1996
* President, Empire Sports Car Association, 1980-1986
* President, Cotati Rod & Gun Club 1980-1984