Ted’s essays

taking a time out

I am cutting back on my webpost side to regain more of my other Renaissance Man aspects.

I am master of four websites. I am still wrestling with cutting back on the out-of-pocket financial costs without resolution, but certainly can pare down the time I have been donating to this slice of my life without a solution to the expense question.

Woodwork, metalwork, strengthening my 2-way comms, building physical things, making music, reading, two-wheel-riding, wrenching, drawing, artistic painting and more have been calling to me – and I have answered their calls less than I want.

Most of the posting, writing, research and creating I do will be at Bitterroot Bugle .com This site will drop down my priority list for a while. If you have not yet been there, you might want to check that one out.

TedDunlap.net began as the public outreach side of my practically unfunded political election campaigns. The website morphed into something else post-political-activism.

I am not sure where it will go in the future, but it might be a useful 20-year repository to hang on to. The jury is out on that decision.

After introspective time off, I have no idea where this might go.

I won’t promise a complete absence of new posts, nor will I commit to the opposite.


This website is a gift to my community from a pensioner dedicating a bit of his life attempting to help preserve humanity, integrity, honor and liberty – a world under attack. If I help one person find our side of the rampart, or help the resolve of one who found it via another path, my time and money have been well spent.

You can show your gratitude and support via credit card, Paypal or, if you can figure out how, send a tip my way in meat space.

Thank you, Ted Dunlap