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Take Action: encourage your sheriff to be like this one

Ohio sheriff relays AND responds to warning given to National Sheriff’s Association

This sheriff may not be perfect, but he certainly is blazing a good trail worth following for the 3,081 sheriffs in the USofA.

All of them were invited to an official FBI briefing in Washington DC. The Butler County, Ohio sheriff was not only impressed with the gravity of the situation, He is taking action.

That action is to recruit and involve good citizens of Butler County in building a team that may have a chance of survival against the immediate threats every county in the USofA is currently facing.

According to FBI information – as well as what any of us paying attention already knew, the threat of violent, organized, destructive assaults by the millions of recent “illegal immigrants” is real and imminent, warranting thoughtful, organized preparation… much like what what Sheriff Rick Jones is pursuing for the state of Ohio and Butler County.

Our job is to help inspire our own county sheriff to do their jobs even close to as well… and offer to help in ways they can help our communities capitalize on. Your job is to share this with friends who will go on to share it with county officials and your county sheriff.

I produced and shared my “February 3rd Snapshot” video a couple weeks ago. I think it bears repeating. If you did not yet see it, I encourage you to watch here:

It very much relates to what the Butler County Sheriff is doing and the FBI warning that inspired his actions. As I said in my video introduction, “This is going to be a Very Big Year”.

Don’t give yourself a serious case of the “Shoulda-Dones”.



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