Ted’s essays

Super Pup, part 1

Missy’s Beagle Lab cross is more the former than the latter. Scooter is fundamentally a pack dog. She’s been pack-less nearly all her life. That is not the best situation for a Beagle brain. It has her more nervous than she would be in her natural habitat.

I am more attracted to dogs of substance. Size, muscle, but most of all, self confidence. I have surreptitiously been watching for a mastiff downline mixed with another medium sized breed. Mutt, but with some genetics that are known for peaceful self-confidence and strong intelligence.

I also wanted a situation where the dog came to us without the baggage of a bad start in an ugly home. Most of all, I wanted to sort through a litter for behaviors that result in a balanced adult dog.

In the last week, we got all that in a German Shepherd / Pit Bull cross puppy.

When I told Missy I was headed for this adoption she did not like it. When the breeder dropped the price to $100, I agreed to take one. Then Missy insisted I web-search the combination.

I expected this to be flukey-rare with no search results.

Wrong. Many consider this a ‘designer breed’, with the going price being in the $600 to $800 range. The reviews are excellent. People LOVE this blend.

BOSCO is already showing multiple signs of being that special dog I was hoping for.

Of course it helps that we are paying attention, but at only 8 weeks he communicates a desire to go outside, then promptly poops and pees where we prefer it to happen. Sure there have been accidents, but precious few. We don’t make any fuss about them, but do congratulate him enthusiastically about his successes.

This is a stage I expect out of 10-weeks and older, not 8.

Here we are at Day 4.

He has become comfortable both indoors and out.
He built a rapport with Scooter.
They now have developed play they can share.
He trots confidently all over the place.
He takes toys and favored beds from Scooter.
He comes when I kneel and call his name.
He follows me around like a puppy.
He is tremendously friendly and happy.

Oh, and I should mention, He feels very solid and sturdy with nice eyes, alert demeanor and bright gait.

In low light evenings, he is nearly invisible but for his white toes flashing as he trots around bringing to mind the nickname “twinkle toes”.

Scooter seems to be happy with the company.
Best of all, Missy adores him too.