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storage unit

shelter-37In March we accepted an offer to store our stuff in a hanger 7 some miles away from our new home while we got shop space built and organized ourselves in our new world. The offer ran out and we had to move out.

It has been a bit of a rush all along, but the last week was a serious push. shelter-36 A huge amount of dry storage has been a prize and a great gift. We will forever be grateful to Merl for what he gave us. We certainly owed him the honor of getting the heck out in the time frame he requested.

Yet Ma Nature has a way of wrecking things you don’t protect from the elements… and the prognosticators predicted precipitation on our parade.
So we busted … back.

Since my back abuse the end of May, I have been struggling to heal it while still getting stuff done. Not doing the best job of all, but doing what I gotta do.
We used materials salvaged from the yard, leftovers from the old breezway cover and some of my stash I’ve been hauling around for years. Out of pocket was under 40 bucks.

Finishing up in the dark last night was way over the top, but hadda be dun.

We puttered around straightening, reorganizing and such today. The thumbnails shelter-46 to the right are from the last two days. We are both amazed and proud of how well this pile of scraps came together.

As Missy pointed out today, this is the ultimate Earth-friendly accomplishment. The pile of scrap, disposal problem, was artfully assembled into a very valuable asset with precious little left over OR brought in. Pretty cool, now that she mentions it. shelter-47

Granted, this is not a normal entry way – but that might be real appropriate for us… not to mention the trailer park we live in.

So it is our $100/month storage unit minus the $100 per month outlay. shelter-48
It is our entry way.
It is a little shop / putter around space.
It is the only entrance to our house.
It is our front porch.

The question we have yet to answer is:

What do we call it?