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stinking up the airwaves

Smelling exactly like many other false flag events created to gain popular acceptance of their agenda, the Connecticutt school shooting facts coming from non-mainstream sources vary dramatically from what the television is feeding its audience.

Police radio broadcasts said they caught one gunman escaping into the woods and had another face down, cuffed in the parking lot. Students and faculty saw and heard multiple shooters and shooters with rifles. The “lone killer” had a handgun in each hand and a rifle in his car.

As Paul Craig Roberts writes:
… the accused dead gunman, whom no one can interrogate, if he is indeed the culprit, killed the children with handguns, not with an “assault rifle” left in the car, but that the medical examiner said the children were killed with rifle shots.

The discrepancy is obvious. Either the news reports are incorrect, the medical examiner is wrong, or someone other than Adam Lanza shot the children.

Of course a coverup or worse, a planned event is too horrible to consider. But why can we accept an occasional crazed shooter, but not a team of agenda-driven evildoers? History is full of them, but you think it cannot happen now?

It has never been more important to FULLY INVESTIGATE the possibilities. Including the amazing announcement by the chief investigator that anyone publishing information that disagrees with his investigation will be shut down and incarcerated immediately.

Whoa! Think about what he is saying, Publication is the enemy? Truth is the enemy? Facts out of his control are the enemy?

What’s that phrase they love to abuse:
If you have nothing to hide,..