Ted’s essays

step stool

My wife, shorty, has step stools all over the place. The old plastic one on her side of the bed broke. It was old, brittle and not worth patching to last another little while.

What it really needed was a replacement.

Of course I couldn’t build a light-weight version, this one can second as a jack stand for auto repair. It won’t break – that’s for sure. I will feel no hesitation about using it myself.

The sides are “only” quarter-inch plywood scraps, the top a 5/8ths scrap of an old water-bed frame and furring strips at all the junctions. I figured it would be reasonably light, but strong enough.

I confess I’m back to my old ways … as the daughters and I referred to most of my creations, It is STRONG.

Interesting: Missy’s snapshot of her new stool catches the edge of the coffee table I built for her, the collapsible computer station I built for her, and even a tiny corner of the glider footstool I repaired (STRONG) … thus explaining why she keeps me fed.