Ted’s essays

Spring full moon

My organic gardening mentor encouraged us to plant on every full moon. Not so much that it favored the plants themselves, but because it organized us to do regular plantings whether that was seeds, bare-root, or transplants. Get something started every full moon and you will always have a good garden.

In Montana that assumes you have a greenhouse. We simply have too much winter cold to allow year-round outdoor plantings. What a blessed place I grew up in where we could. Lovely Nature was unfortunately taken over by lazy minds.

Today, March 9th is a full moon. That is my trigger to consider planting something.

Other signals from nature:
The little budgies have returned to our neighborhood.
The glaciers in my yard are melting away.
The water is rising in my creek.
The geese have returned to the area.
The trees are budding.

Heck with your Gregorian Calendar… nature says it is time to plant something – even in Montana.

If you follow any rules at all, Nature’s are probably the best choice.

I will put some seeds into dirt today.

How about you?