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spinning plates

Spinning PlatesYou may be familiar with keeping the plates spinning metaphor. Competent managers can keep numerous tasks, projects and/or people going the right direction much like a juggler keeps multiple plates spinning on sticks or a housewife operates a home.

At some point, however, one might realize there are just too dang many plates on sticks.

I finally started grabbing plates and setting them down gently on the floor.

What do I really want to get DONE in the near future?


I am IT. I am the limiting factor. I am not managing some great team or crew. I darn well better focus on one task at a time starting with the more important ones and working my way towards the more optional.

I got the grounds for my Ham radio setup buried in the soon-to-be-frozen earth and sod. I will have medium and long range radio communications soon.

I got the fireplace tested, then added the necessary stovepipe extension so it would draw right and burn hot enough to stay clean. We now have a second source of household heat.

I tested my ability to harvest an adequate amount of firewood to feed my home and shop. My back is not yet healed enough OR, perish the thought, I am as old as the calendar claims. Belay that last thought, there are plenty of fogies older than I putting up their own wood fuel. Next year. Meanwhile, I ordered 2 cords delivered. Missy and I are stacking up a storm… or for a storm.be like a duck

I am part-way to getting that firewood covered.

It goes on and on like that, but co-habits space in my brain with the assaults on our life, liberty and property that are extremely serious, ramping up and could, without further notice, change EVERYTHING.

We must have time for community, friends and cogitation as well.


I’ll let you know how I do.

In many ways, I look forward to a foot of snow in the yard, ground frozen solid and the impossibility of further preparation for this winter.