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snug cabin

Yesterday afternoon the artist adding The Mud Room onto our cabin learned something about Nashua manufactured homes – and so did we.

He was carving a slot into the psuedo-log siding that the sheetrock would slip into for a nice, neat finish when suddenly *POOF*
he had a a metallic sound from his saw blade and fire in the siding.

Handy that he’s a volunteer fireman in our neighborhood and we have a hose on the hose-bib nearby. He stayed until he was positively, absolutely certain there was no heat in the wall.

It turns out that Nashua puts little noches in the framing studs, then strings the wires on the outside of the studs with metal plates over them to protect against siding nails punching them. Thus a very rare circumstance of the wires being flat, flush against the exterior siding instead of in the middle … and right where Mark’s carefully applied trim saw could nick ’em.

Well, no problem, we can go without that circuit overnight. Fix it in the morning.

Not that it would have made any difference, but it was quite a bit later in the evening before it dawned on me that the circuit also fed the heater controller. Our central heater would not function without the controller energized.

back of houseBy conincidence, the house was already down to 67-degrees with an overnight low predicted to be 37. Uh oh. And our electric blanket is quite thoroughly stowed for “the summer”. Uh OH!

Jammies to bed. Extra blankets readily available. We slept soundly through the night.

Morning temperature outside was indeed 37. The house dropped 3 degrees overnight to 64.

Wow. This is one snug cabin.