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Bitterroot sky from my front yard 4/27/16

Bitterroot sky from my front yard 4/27/2016

If you have not noticed your blue skies traversed by high-level aircraft trailing billowing plumes that seem unnatural for jet aircraft, then you need to look up, and take note more often.

You may have observed that while weather reports may call for clear skies, these trails can criss-cross your blue sky, spreading into a milky white horizon-to-horizon overcast with distinct sharp edges that, again, do not look like the puffy, uneven billows of natural clouds.

If you haven’t observed this, discussion and information about “chemtrails” or “geoengineering” undoubtedly strike you as delusional. You KNOW they can’t be true because they make no sense. Nobody would do that.

Cognitive dissonance prevents this information from being accepted.

Journalism classes used to teach the requirement of including “who, what when, where, why, and how” in quality articles. That is indeed how the whole picture can be communicated. However, when the entirety is too outrageous, human protective systems kick in to deny all of it.

trails merging into striped haze over Bitterroot 4/27/2016

trails merging into striped haze over Bitterroot 4/27/2016

Do not let your preconceived notions prevent entry of new knowledge.

Start with WHAT you can see.

Simply watch aircraft pass over.

There are regular passenger and freight aircraft plying regular trade routes. Their trails are subtly different now that jet fuel has been reformulated from years ago, but, still, they do dissipate relatively quickly, and the aircraft are gone after one pass across your sky.

Their paths are from major airline hub to major airline hub with the shortest, most economical line in between.

Quite different, if you look back up every few minutes over a half-hour or longer period, are the chemtrails.

They are quite voluminous coming out, and linger as the airplane traverses from horizon to horizon. Typically there will be a second pass on a parallel course, then a third, and usually more. Frequently there will be a second, and often third and maybe more planes distributing their product, often in crossing patterns.

The payloads do vary from ‘mission to mission’. Some, even though abnormally voluminous coming out, will disappear from view. Don’t worry about those yet. Focus on what you can see. Pay attention to those that linger. They are the ones that will help you understand that, indeed, something is being deliberately sprayed into the air over your head.

In the great northwest, we have a pretty good idea where the major hubs are from where we stand. When the routes described by the white lines do not make sense, and the plane comes back for a parallel run, you can bet your good health that the pilot is not lost, looking for a place to land.

The lines will spread and merge into a consuming haze. The lines and edges will blend, but they do remain. You can still see sharp edges to the gradients of white and gray that do not occur in natural clouds.

All you have to do is watch your sky.

This is observable and provable with your own eyes.

Start there.


If you have noticed all of that and want to know more, this article is continued at the Bitterroot Bugle .com website. See: chemtrails awareness – the next level

If you want to support a candidate who will focus Montana administrative employees on finding out what is going on up there, you have come to the right place.