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site improvements

I spent last weekend at the Fort Boise Gun Show. I have boiled my high-priority activities down to the three most important for our liberty in Ada County. That was how I set up our table and that was how I presented to those who stopped by. If we have and support a Constitutional Sheriff, we have liberty. If we have strong neighborhood posses, we have liberty. If every current and past military and police person was an Oath Keeper, we have liberty.

Knowing my websites didn’t do such a good job of depicting those priorities, I undertook to improve on that. I had to learn some more technical stuff, but that’s really a good thing as it keeps the mind exercised.

Now if you look to the right, and if you click on those “buttons” there, you can more easily see and learn about what I consider to be the highest priorities for lovers of liberty in Ada County.

I put them here, at Idaho Liberty .com, at Ada Liberty .com, at Kuna Idaho .net, and will dress up The Fixer .biz in the next few days.

I also picked up a couple of tricks to enhance readability and feature certain text items. Pretty neat when you wrestle with technology and win a round.