Ted’s essays

shortage of posts

I built a list of projects I want completed before winter sets in. Most have my name attached to them. A few need to be hired out.

Smart people in the area know that frozen ground, snow, and temperatures that are uncomfortable for outdoor work are coming soon. Hot days and high fire danger changes quickly in another month or so to WINTER.

That means also that hired help is hard to come by… You gotta make hay when the sun shines.
Thus, most of what I want completed before winter will be done by me … or not.

My hands, wrists, knees, and back complain some. I’m running at their edge. But I’m having FUN. Really. I LOVE completing projects with my head and hands. I like the results even more, but the joy of having done it myself lasts even longer… and, more often than not, means the job is done to my satisfaction … which is something not any-old-body can do.

My web posting is paying the price.

So is my cabinet making, greenhouse maintenance, trombone playing, radio setups, and a pile of other things I can do just as well in the winter as I can today.

Please bear with me. Check back now and then. I’ll make it up to you.