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Housecleaning day… I found this lying around in my overlooked “Draft” folder. Heck, it is good. Might as well publish it even though it is from December 2012. The truth of this deserves an occasional airing.

Meanwhile, in Sandy Hook, USA, available evidence shows one patsy who died by a “self-inflicted” shot from an AR-15 that he left in his car while he went on a rampage with two handguns. With these two handguns, he single-handedly killed 20 children all of whom died from .223 bullets fired from a rifle… you know, that unfired rifle the lone shooter left in his car.

Early reports tell the truth; the whole truth.

Eyewitness reports of two or three shooters are not showing up on mainstream media. Surviving school children and school staff saw multiple shadows, heard multiple people, report different clothing/appearances, etc.

The chief investigator has warned that anyone publishing anything other than the official story will be arrested and their websites immediately taken down.

Police radio recordings say responding officers captured one camo-clad shooter escaping from the school into the woods saying, “I didn’t do it. I didn’t shoot the kids.” and another being held cuffed, face down in the parking lot. A video clip showed two men running from the school as police arrived.

None of us can imagine a human being who would plan to shoot school children. But the shooting happened. We have to accept that it happened. But the official story explains “He was crazy, whacked out on prescription psychotropic meds… and, oh yeah, he had an Assault Rifle (which, of course, makes people go crazy and shoot innocent people).

None of us can imagine several people PLANNING to shoot school children, set up a patsy to take the blame, cover it up in high places, script the approved story and use the whole thing to make defensive weapons illegal. We certainly cannot imagine that these silver-tongued elected officials are part of such a plan.

But if that were true, would it be important?

Should you know about it?

Could you stand to know about it?

The evidence is all available today on the Internet.

Decide what you want to know as if your life, liberty and property depend on it.

Because they do.

Take a day off. It is at least that important.

Learn the truth. Share the truth. Know your enemy.