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Sandy Hook vs journalism

When I learned the fundamentals of journalism, they were: Who, What, When, Where, How and Why. They also included a foundation of reliability, accuracy and honesty, without which you earn no audience.

Sadly things have changed. With the consolidation of mainstream media into six mega-corporations, the absence of competition in primary news sources allows the same misinformation to come from all six sources, reinforcing their illusion of fact. With all six CEOs quite publicly part of The Bilderberg Group, there is precious little doubt whose “facts” are being reinforced.

The hot topic of the day is a perfect example, and a perfect opportunity to test your news sources. If they are not showing the truth on the Sandy Hook school shootings, you should not be trusting them for anything at all.

It is obvious that there were multiple shooters and the one the bureau of misinformation refers to as “the lone shooter” may not have killed anyone. (After examining the first 14, the medical examiner reported that all were killed with .223 rifle bullets while the supposed shooter carried only two handguns. This one set of facts alone scream, “Look further – look elsewhere.”

So who did it? Police radio and video shows three camo-clad men caught escaping from the school. Several press releases, early press reports and some amazing other evidence shows a great deal of fore-knowledge among a very wide number of well-placed individuals who, on the surface, were not involved.

Investigative journalists (do your remember that phrase from long ago?) have shifted into high gear. The fruits of their labor and the exchange among investigators happens on the Internet. The who may best be answered by the most famous question among investigators: Cui bono (“To whose benefit?”, literally “as a benefit to whom?”). I’ll get back to this.

We KNOW precious little. Reported is a great amount of information. Much conflicts with police and eyewitness testimony from during and immediately after the incident. We do KNOW that the chief investigator publicly announced via mainstream media that “Anyone publishing reports that conflicted with the official reports would be immediately arrested and their information immediately removed from public purvue.”

That, friends and neighbors, speaks volumes!

These aren’t war secrets.
Or are they?
Has someone declared war?
Kind of brings us back to the Who, doesn’t it?

Also in the WHAT category, note that the main argument styming their gun ban plans has been that private handguns keep crime down. Aha! they say, we have to use the AR-15s that we really want to ban. And we have to kill a bunch of folks.

Also note that there was only ONE wounded. All were shot three or four times each with the same rifle caliber the US, NATO, the UN and our militarized police forces use to kill people. What is with this fetish to make sure no wounded survive? No witnesses to give conflicting stories, perhaps?

This incident occurred December 17th. On a Friday. Parents weren’t allowed to see their children until Sunday. Nobody outside the inner circle was allowed in. The bodies weren’t allowed out until after dark Sunday. If that involved my kids, I’d be pretty hot.

It happened after an increasing number of mass shootings have failed to achieve passage of US gun bans and UN gun bans. The people have kept saying, loud and clear, that banning firearms does not make us safe.

The people of the USA have held off attempts to ban firearms at the Congressional level. They defeated the UN gun ban treaty more than once already. Agenda 21 and The New World order depend on unarmed (or lightly armed) populace. This one thing is a barrier to the plan that is otherwise ready to execute.

Connecticut is the only state without a sheriff. This is significant as a sheriff is the chief law enforcement officer in any county and can lawfully insure a legitimate investigation. Connecticut was wrestled away from law enforcement officers elected directly by the people 12 years ago. Now we have political appointees who are part of the ruling elite. Those who eliminated the sheriffs have, in the ensuing years, fully consolidated their power.

Obviously, a self-defense-free zone was a requirement. Can’t have our shooters get interrupted before they finish the deed. Can’t have good video camera footage. Gotta be able to lock down the entire area. No witnesses to escape. Oh, probably should include a lot of children as that really tugs at the emotions.

The only reason that anyone has to take your guns away, is so that he can do things to you that you would not permit, if you still had your guns.

Here is one picture that is worth 1,000 words.

And HERE is a link to a page with several of them.

All of that brings us back to the WHO.

Those very same people who regularly use any excuse whatsoever to disarm those who would use their liberty to defend their lives, liberty and property. Those people who have been carefully selected for their abilities to straight-facedly, convincingly lie on television. Those who have no moral compass whatsoever. Those who can say and do anything whatsoever if it benefits them personally in some way. And in particular, Those who manage to draw an adoring crowd along with them in spite of constantly being caught lying, cheating, stealing and completely bereft of common humanity.

Them, and those who can be counted as part of their audience.

You want to stop mass shootings?

Start by finding out who dunnit….
what, when where, how and why.
Then remove the incentives.