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Missy and I are investigating satellite Internet from 25 miles up as our Verizon from a tower 4.5 miles away is intermittently acceptable – the rest of the time NOT. So I asked Craigslist to tell me the real-world cost of a (data) router as the ability to use wireless anywhere in the house won’t be included in the new satellite package.

Ryobi router with table and bits $75.

While I was supposed to say, “Not THAT kind of router.” What I said instead was “I guess we need to make a trip to Missoula today.” Heckuva deal a $400-plus great router with less than 20 hours on it … to replace the junk Craftsman one with ONE bit that I’ve gotten by with for a decade. Seller was happy. Buyer was THRILLED.

My shop partner and I are beginning to set up our shop. He built a grand, glorious shop in an awesome location. I have a fine collection of tools. Between the two, we have a great setup. One segment of my part in this just got a significant upgrade.