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round table

We had a good Round Table initial meeting last weekend and agreed it would be valuable to do again. We are beginning regular monthly meetings of leaders or their representatives next month.

It was valuable for all to learn what the other organizations are doing, trying to do and wanting to do. There is a lot of overlap and a lot we can do to help each other, strengthening our own organizations as we also introduce activities of the others to the people in our groups. We shared overviews, near-term calendar events, and Internet activities. We agreed improved Internet connections between our websites was desirable.

Going around the table:
Don Henslee and Bob Gunning were there as interested parties not representing any activist group or organization. Missy Dunlap was there as an interested party to several of these groups and took notes for us.

Lynn House – Oath Keepers
OK meets 3rd Tuesdays, Meridian Vets Bldg, 7:00pm – apolitical signing up military, law enforcement current and past, along with others who swore an oath to the Constitution and still mean every bit of it.
Online at BoiseMeetup.com and http://www.adaliberty.com/oath-keepers/

Warren Grover – Act For America (+Oath Keepers, Ada Posse, Treasure Valley Veterans Council)
Radical Islam is a serious threat in many ways. Warren explained several well-documented, clear and present dangers. He is also a regular part of several veterans organization meetings, though they tend to not be active on the political and liberty front (yet).

Russ Smerz – Gem State Tea Party
GSTP is an umbrella over 13 different Tea Party organizations in Idaho. Each is active separately and working together on numerous subjects and items that are key to regaining and strengthening liberty in Idaho. They are working to make their webpage be complete in linking to other Idaho pro-liberty organizations and topics.

Bud Goltry – Association of Physicians & Surgeons (est. 1943)
The AMA represents about 17% of the doctors, yet is a key partner with big government in removing the doctor-patient relationship from medical care. The main thrust of that partnership is control of the populace through control of all medical care. There are alternatives including the Surgery Center of Oaklahoma, which has thrived since ’95.

Lee Rice – alternate-para-legal and Tea Party
Lee represents a strong alternative to the bar and its rigged system. He and others in this area as well as across the USA are winning against the courts in those very courts. He is also well-versed in the illegal incorporation of public services. Probably easiest to find as a monster facebook user:
Lee Arthur Rice II

Dale Pierce – The John Birch Society (est. 1958)
JBS has been fighting the new world order, united nations, agenda 21 and more primarily with knowledge, research and information. They posed such a threat that they were demonized by antogonistic central government and complicit press. Their information is top-notch and an excellent resource. Their primary activist tool is working with legislators to get it right as often as is feasible.

Valerie Candelaria – The 9-12 Project
The 9-12 Project of Idaho is an independent, non-partisan organization devoted to informing and educating American citizens of the individual rights and governmental limitations explicitly defined in the founding documents. They have an organized program with a training session at every monthly meeting. Two main activist thrusts for the coming year are exposing Agenda 21 and fighting against Common Core (takeover of local schools).

Ted Dunlap – Neighborhood Posse of Ada County
(+Oath Keepers, Fully Informed Jury Association, Constitutional Sheriffs)
The Neighborhood Posse project is working to develop independent posses throughout Ada County. The monthly meetings are to help establish, organize and train leaders and posses. No central membership. No subordination to any organization or entity. A versatile, grass-roots emergency response team that will always be in the right place at the right time with the right motivations.
Fully Informed Jury Association strives to educate all of us that the jury is properly tasked with deciding the guilt or innocence of the accused REGARDLESS of statutes and bar association counsel to the contrary. That was the precise reason trial by jury was included in the foundation of this free country. Not very active here, now.
Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association – Mission: to equip sheriffs, peace officers and public officials with the necessary information and public support to carry out their duties in accordance with their Oaths of Office. Post-election Ada and Canyon sheriffs came out of the closet as anti-Constitution. Pressure is being kept on them to reconsider.

not represented, but likely compatible:

Idaho Open Carry

Tenth Amendment Center

I encourage you to share your suggestions on other organizations/leaders who should be invited.