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roast dog

roast scooterI have shared nearly all of my life with dogs, but I have never had one like this. In every prior case, constantly wearing their indoor-outdoor winter attire had them seeking the coolest part of our heated house.
Not Beagle Brain.

Scooter sidles up to the HOT fireplace, rotating, shifting position, laying right next to it and generally just BAKING HER BODY. She will be hot to the touch and still not leave her fireplace position without strong encouragement from us.

I don’t get it.

She seems indifferent to the cooling autumn weather outside, cheerfully going for walks in freezing, rain, wind or whatever nature has sent us. That is more like what I am accustomed to in dogs.

But this roasting thing is new to me. I want to stop her, but she keeps coming back. I’ll keep encouraging her away. Maybe the novelty of baking herself will wear off.