Ted’s essays

river is a-risin’

river rising to 3.5 feet Warm
with scattered showers,
intermittent sunshine
expected high: 60

It has been creeping up from its winter/spring long-term stable state around 2 1/2 feet, but today the river is getting a bit more serious about rising.

It is at 3 1/2 this morning, with strong probability of gaining another foot by the end of the day.

I am pleased I risked my freshly-injured back to at least put some marks on the bridge piling. They aren’t good, but they are a heckuva lot better than what existed before I braved the shallow, river to paint them on.

In next summer’s low water, I will significantly upgrade the marks.

My Thinking Rock us now completely under water. The water has gathered enough silt that you cannot see more than an inch below the surface.

No photo will show the Thinking Rock or anything else under water now…
or again until the Spring Runoff begins to taper off into the Summer Flow.

teeter totter log approaches levelThe Teeter-Totter Log is approaching level. Odds are real strong that it will leave its many-year-long perch atop the fulcrum rock with this year’s exceptional runoff.

Snowpack is at 180% of normal. A whole lot of that will pass by this point. We are in for some high water. How fast the melt/ how high the flood are the unknowns today.

Be ready is the rule.

Watch with interest.

It is only a show if you are mentally and physically prepared.

I plan to enjoy the show.