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Weihrauch HW77KWeihrauch HW77K

I got around to picking up a GREAT training tool, not to mention something fun to do when weather makes outdoor shooting less fun. BONUS: good pellets are very inexpensive to shoot.

According to Weihrauch:
Internationally recognized for its outstanding field accuracy, the classic HW77 is the most successful under lever spring-piston sport rifle ever made. Complete with adjustable open sights and the well-known Rekord trigger.

Model HW77177, Caliber .177, Overall Length 39.7″, Barrel Length 14.6″, Weight 8.7 lbs, Velocity up to 950 fps

Note: velocity will vary depending on pellet selection.
10-meter air rifle target
According to Airguns of Arizona, this is a bargain in 10-meter air rifles. It will hit the 10-meter 10-ring (the thickness of a pencil lead) every time you do your part.

That’s all I ask. I need to learn from something that puts the pellets exactly where I tell it to… right or wrong, for better or for worse. The vast majority of air rifles available in brick-and-mortar stores will not do that.

If you are satisfied hitting a pie plate 10-feet away, almost anything will do.

I demand more from myself, and my equipment.

For $4,000 more, the best Feinwerkbau rifles shoot so precisely that, from top competitors, you cannot tell if more than one pellet was fired at the target. Thus, in competition, each target bullseye gets only one shot. I am strongly suspicious that this $500 rifle cannot do that in anyone’s hands.