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The results from our  March 29th Missoula match are now posted online.

Relevant for my placement in the USPSA classification system is my finish in the Limited Class.

The “% of standard” below does not take into account that I am probably only competing against other “Super Seniors” (65 and older) for national ranking.

The Limited Class allows gun and magazine modifications I do not have, nor do I intend to get.

Thus I will always have a bit of a handicap in the national rankings.

However, my own personal goals have been to be at the top of the bottom third overall … aka 33.3%.

Heck, I blew by that standard last Sunday with a finish in the combined results of 43rd out of 84 … 49%

My overall finish   course of fire my hit factor % of standard
35/84 58% High Standards 2.7096 30.4%
43/84 49% Works For Me 3.2178 31.4%
44/84 48% Too Close For Comfort 3.3141 32.0%
50/84 40% Front Sight 5.0000 37.4%
68/84 19% Table Stakes 0.7745 9.1%
————- ——– ————- ————- ————-
average: 43% national estimate: 33.6%
40% and up = C class

metricTargetTo see the course of fire layouts, all international classifiers are described in detail here: http://www.uspsa.org/uspsa-classifier-list.php

Oh yeah, hit factor could use an explanation.
A-zone hits are 5 points
B-zone is worth 4
C-zone is worth 4
D-zone is worth 2
Misses are -10
Hitting NO-SHOOTS are -10

Total the points, divide by your elapsed time
and you have your hit factor for that course of fire.

Table Stakes is a good example. The targets were half-hidden behind “NO SHOOTS”. I winged one of them … just a modest flesh wound on his shoulder, mind you, but those guys still counted it against me.
Minus 10 for a little hole in the shoulder.
Minus 10 for missing the target completely with that shot.
I humbly submit that my round went straight on through that hostage’s shoulder and hit the bad guy a good one, but nobody is buying that one either.
Anyway, with that minus 20 hung onto my score, my hit factor took a major hit.

Table Stakes also turned out to be the only one, I think, where Missy did not have an ammo-related gun jam (the cause we since figured out). Her slow, careful accuracy served her well on this one. She finished 53 out of 84 for her best course of the day.

We had a GREAT TIME and played with some nice, friendly, fun people…
not to mention getting some real good practice in.