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recent PatchWorks designs

This is all available at the Patch Works.biz, along with nearly half of our design inventory. The rest will be loaded online as time permits.

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River of No Return 5x2
30004 PatchWorks 4inchMONTANA ON YELLOWMost of these are .jpg images created by the computer-aided-design (CAD) program that runs our embroidery machines. There is hand work that we do after the machines finish to cut threads, seal them and dress the patch edges. Thus what you see is not quite as clean as what you get.

when life throws you a curve, lean in and add throttle

30004 PatchWorks on black 2x4

don't tread on me flag
The CAD program also doesn’t have the same color backing as what we physically load into the sewing machine. In most cases it is quite close, but sometimes the reality is significantly better (to my eyes).
bears 2

confederate flag

darby logger days 4x3

As of this post, the above do not yet have stock numbers. They along with well over 1,000 other of our designs are not orderable with the standard online order link.

Send us an e-mail with what you want. We will do our best to get it to you right away.hams do it with frequency 4x2