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band ?, Don clarinet, Kurt keys 1000In February I finally got around to checking out the monthly gathering of Bitterroot’s Ragtime Society. It looked good and they encouraged me to bring my horn next time.

March 5th was next time.

I brought my horn.

Mom and Missy also came along …
my fan club …
hadda make sure somebody liked the noises I made.

Ragtime is not familiar territory to me. Tunes I have experience with are Dixieland, Swing, Jazz, Big Band and the like.

But, Hey, these people let me play trombone! 🙂

I HOPED to play along in a quarter of the music, enjoy it all and end up with some sheet music to play with between now and the next meeting. I was not sure I could even do that.

But it turned out well. I met those expectations, was hugely encouraged by the band and the watchers.

I was able to play both accents and lead solos on a few songs and accent-only about half of what they played. band ?, Don, ?, Sharon, Kurt, Bill, Ted 1000

The only requests from the band and audience was for “more horn” and “louder horn” …
next month I will try to serve those requests.

This time I simply couldn’t come up with enough RIGHT notes to put any power behind them …
that is, without wrecking the music the rest of the band was making.
band ?, ?, Don, Bill, Ted 1000
I used the plunger mute at first, but was encouraged to play open. I’ll still take it along for color. It does add a nice change of pace.

I also succeeded in getting promises of sheet music to practice with.

Next month I WILL play more, and louder.

In a neat additional benefit, Missy and Mom enjoyed the crowd, and the food.

Speaking of Missy, she sure is fun and amazing to watch as she “works the room”. Half an hour after entering a room full of people she never saw before and she is laughing and chatting amiably with friends.